Get it fast with our latest in house inventory!

Newmans Synthetics offers front door delivery within 24 hours of your order being placed. Finish that last minute project or get your top off products.  Delivery is free for all local customers.  Each order comes with (2) 4inch AMSOIL mini decal stickers.  The first 5 orders this week also will include 1 Flexible Pour spout and 7.5 inch Magnetic Decal.  Don’t see what you need on the list?  CLICK HERE to shop our online store full of products for your everyday needs.

Don’t know what product is designed for you vehicle?  CLICK HERE to find the exact product for you vehicle.

AMSOIL Inventory

  1. Signature Series Synthetic 5W20 / 5W30 (25,000 or 1 year Guarantee)
  2. Synthetic 5W20 / 5W30 XL
  3. Synthetic 15W40 Diesel/Marine
  4. Synthetic 5W40 Premium CJ4
  5. Synthetic 75W90 Gear Lube
  6. Synthetic SABER PRO 2-Cycle
  7. Synthetic Marine 2-Cycle TCW3
  8. Synthetic 0W40 4-Stroke Oil
  9. Synthetic SAE 30 Small Engine
  10. Synthetic 10W40 Motorcycle Oil
  11. Synthetic Trans & Transaxle Fluid
  12. Diesel Injector Clean
  13. PI Performance Improver (GAS)
  14. Heavy Duty Metal Protector
  15. Synthetic Multi-Vehicle SS ATF
  16. We have EA15 and EAO Filters in stock. Please call or email for list.
Please call us at 404-919-7854 to order or if you have any questions.
Newmans Synthetics, LLC
Edwin “Ray” Newmans
AMSOIL Independent Dealer
Interested in Buying Wholesale? Call now or CLICK HERE to get more information.
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